Minor Changes = Major Effect

BEFORE… In some cases, simply relocating furniture and accessories in a room, and in this case, adding an area rug, can open up the space and improve traffic flow. Moving art to a location over the fireplace accents this feature of the room. Moving the accessory chair from the far left corner in upper photo to a spot next to the fireplace in lower photo broadens the conversation circle. AFTER…

Staging “As Is” Property

When a property is being listed and priced to sell “as is”, Staging Coach discourages sellers from attempting to conceal improvements (repairs) needed in the home. For example, in these kitchen patio doors, there is moisture condensation between double glass panes… Heavy drapes that fully covered the doors were removed, and replaced with drapery panels of a lighter fabric suitable for a kitchen – these minimized the problem without attempting to “cover it up.”

Working with your stager

Working with your stager is the first phase of moving to your new home and life. It’s an opportunity to assess what you really use and enjoy in your surroundings and also to determine what can be culled as it is no longer consistent with your desired lifestyle. Stagers stress simplicity in design, often taking furniture and accessories out, as they focus on the tastes and needs of likely buyers and maximize the home’s features. This is in contrast to interior decorators whose focus is on the homeowners’ tastes, and often expressed in a more abundant use of accessories.

When it’s 6 o’clock

When it’s 6:00 pm and the furniture rental company has delivered a lamp without a shade, staging coach goes to the nearest store to buy a shade, stops at a fabric shop for some braiding to make the shade deep enough…